Jazz Music and Disaster Response: The Importance of Adaptive Management emergency management network podcast

Sitting in front of the computer, thinking about what I should write about for this week’s EMN Round-Up, I put on one of my favorite Jazz albums, Miles and Monk, at Newport Live 1958. This LP is an essential listen for everyone alive today! Jazz, in essence, is a group of very talented musicians, each a master of their instrument, coming together; they may have a set list, or they may not. They play off each other’s strengths, and somehow, without any sheet music or a conductor, they produce a fantastic piece of music. (If you don’t like jazz, you can find the same type of collaborations with the Grateful Dead or Phish.) 

Jazz music can teach us much about disaster response, as both involve improvisation, collaboration, and adaptation to changing circumstances. Here are a few ways in which jazz music can inform disaster response:




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