Streamlining Call Center Workflows in Extreme Events emergency management network podcast

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In the Emergency Management Network series hosted by Todd DeVoe, Jason Hurley and Sarah Bonk from Erie County, New York, discuss their experiences with emergency communication, particularly during crises like blizzards. They emphasize the importance of setting up a call center for crisis communications, recounting the establishment of the “snow line” during the 2022 blizzard. This hotline helped manage a range of issues from locating towed vehicles to coordinating medical treatments.

Jason and Sarah highlight the necessity of public outreach and effective communication strategies, particularly for vulnerable populations. They discuss the importance of using clear, understandable language in public messaging and the role of community partnerships in maintaining service networks during emergencies.

Sarah discusses the mental health aspects of managing emergency call centers, stressing the need for real-time support and post-crisis care for call takers. They also mention using tools like WebEx and Cisco for remote operations and the significance of annual training to prepare for future emergencies.

The conversation concludes with Todd’s light-hearted question about the Buffalo Bills’ chances of winning the Super Bowl, to which Jason expresses optimistic support.

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