Emergency Management Network’s Mission, Vision & Values

EMN Mission Statement

EMN’s mission is to deepen readers’ understanding of emergency management and to empower writers to share their best work and biggest ideas. EMN is selective to who we invite to write for us. EMN is looking to bring a diverse group of thought leaders to one platform. We’re building a subscription publishing platform that connects expert writers with thoughtful readers. Our product allows the best ideas to rise to the top and elevates the most passionate, diverse voices. We encourage writers to speak their minds, always do what’s right for our readers, and take ownership of their projects. We move quickly to get our ideas into the world, working in small, empowered teams, as we try to build a better place on the internet for ideas.

Vision Statement

EMN is the trusted voice in emergency management 

EMN Values

Diverse Viewpoints

Authentic Relationships

Elegant Solutions

Respectful of Others 

Respectful of Opinions 

Who we are

Emergency Management Network is an independent media organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. We publish trustworthy and informative content in multiple media formats by emergency management experts for the profession and the general public. 

EMN is using Substack and shared via social media, you’ll find explanatory articles, discoveries, and issues that matter today. Our articles share researchers’ expertise in leadership, policy, science, health, economics, education, disaster history, ethics, and almost every subject that impacts emergency management. Some articles offer practical advice grounded in research, while others simply provide authoritative answers to questions that sparked our curiosity. 

The EMN was founded in 2021 by Todd De Voe, an emergency management scholar who wanted to encourage emergency managers and academics to engage with the public, 

Why The EMN?

EMN  arose out of deep-seated concerns for the fading quality of our public discourse and recognition of the vital role that emergency managers and emergency management academic experts could play in the public arena.

Information has always been essential to making good decisions.  But many now find it difficult to put their trust in the media.  EMN brings together experts who have spent years researching a topic. Instead, they listen to those who have the loudest voices. Those uninformed views are amplified by social media networks that reward those who spark outrage instead of insight or thoughtful discussion.

The Emergency Management Network. seeks to be part of the solution to this problem, to raise up the voices of true experts, and to make their knowledge available to everyone.

The EMN editorial process is deliberate and collaborative. Our team pays close attention to the news environment to identify the issues emergency managers and people impacted by disasters, and crises are concerned about. EMN has reached out to leading scholars across academia and emergency management practitioners and worked with them to help them share their knowledge with the broad public.

Importantly, The EMN. is committed to transparency and credibility. Authors are allowed to write only on subjects in which they have proven expertise. We disclose all of The EMN funders on our homepage and elsewhere. Our goals are summed up in our editorial charter.

Our major funding comes from the generous support of sponsors, as well as readers, for which we are grateful.  


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