Todd DeVoe emergency management coach in his office by his masters degree

EM and Crisis Manager’s Coaching Services

Looking For A Coach?

A coach can help emergency managers by providing support, guidance, and accountability as they work to address the challenges of their role. Some specific ways that a coach may be able to help include:

1) Providing a safe space for emergency managers to reflect on their work and identify areas for improvement.

2) Offering suggestions and strategies for managing limited resources more effectively.

3) Helping emergency managers develop effective communication and collaboration skills to better coordinate with other agencies, jurisdictions, and stakeholders.

4) Guiding you in developing and implementing effective preparedness plans and training programs.

5) Assisting emergency managers in staying up-to-date on emerging threats and developing plans to address them.

6) Overall, a coach can serve as a sounding board, mentor, and accountability partner to help emergency managers navigate the challenges of their role and achieve their professional goals.


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